I gathered a formidable team of designers to study and develop
customized and innovative solutions that are in line with the market and which anticipate trends.

We want to accompany you throughout the process, from creation to
production, paying great attention to your costs.


Our engineering and design team is well known for their empathy and that is evident immediately while working with the customer during the design process. Experience in aesthetic design and technical knowledge are integral to the development of our packaging designs. Our strong predisposition to industrialization and design make us as an ideal partner to take personalization projects forward.


The graphic design team at MC & Co creates and implements the brand identity of new or existing packaging.
Our creative ideas transform the basic elements into a single packaging concept.


MC & Co offers high quality 3D images, based on technical specifications, with a selection of branding, colors, materials, shapes and finishes.

This service is a quick and inexpensive way to define product packaging.

Digital pre-production of the product gives a realistic idea of ​​the finished packaging, without waiting for pre-production samples. This rapid and precise display of the product improves selection and reduces development time.